Korean War { 74 images } Created 20 Nov 2008

This is a gallery of images of and related to the Korean War I've created and/or gathered or collected for a documentary project on Korean War.

The war is often referred to as, "The Forgotten War," but 34,000 Americans died there between 1950 and 1953. 8100 American are still missing.

These images cover the Army, Marines and the Airforce during the War.

I put these high resolution photos in this gallery and I'm making these images of the Korean War available for license to others who might be working on Korean War projects and could be helped by using these images I've already spent money and time to gather. In all cases I either copied or scanned these photos. Some are from the National Archives and for others I bought and preserved the original negatives and prints and the photos won't be found anywhere else but here in this gallery. The National Archives photos can be found in the Archives but it takes time and money to do so. I'm the photographer of the recent photos of the Korean War Memorial.

All these historic photos are available directly from this gallery. I'm also will to negotiate a fee specific to a budget for usages of these photos.
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