Henry Antonik's World War II { 289 images } Created 8 Nov 2008

These are the WWII images of Henry Richard Antonik who was an official photographer in the U.S. Army Signal Corps. I am working to preserve these images. Many are of England and a few are of France. I'm trying to identify people places and events in most of these photos.

Here is an excerpt from Antonik's 2002 obituary: "In 1942, he entered the United States Army as one of the first draftees of WW II. As an Official War Photographer in the Signal Corps, he spent one year in England where he flew on several missions with the Eighth Division Air Force and the RAF. He was later assigned to George S. Patton's headquarters during the Battle of the Bulge."

Please contact me if you know something about these images: jeremyhoganphotographer@gmail.com
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