B Company, 25th Aviation in The Nam { 51 images } Created 12 Feb 2009

B Company, 25th Aviation were a unit of Huey and Cobra gunships and their pilots and crews which supported the 25th Infantry during the Vietnam War. The unit was based in Cu Chi not far from Saigon but covered a large area of Vietnam. The unit was known as Diamondhead and flew more hours than most any other helicopter unit during the war. This gallery is part of a collection of over 1000 images which were scanned from the original negatives recovered from being lost forever. The negatives were purchased from an auction and are likely one of the most complete collections of images of any army unit during the war. It appears the collection spans from 1967 until 1969. The images are of downed helicopters, awards and decorations ceremonies, the aftermath of a sapper attack. Photos show infantry soldiers, the Cu Chi basecamp, aerials of Tay Ninh, crew chiefs, pilots, cobra gun ships, barracks and much more.
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